Thursday, September 27, 2012

hi.. i been out 4 a few days but i just keep getting better and better.. so there :P

seriously.. i finally got my kidney surgery scheduled!!! that's a big load off my mind.. really really huge; I'm telling u : bigtime :P

did i say b4 that i have a tumor in my kidney? well i do.. but it's days r numbered now.. hell yes!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

i need a job dammit minimum wage please dammit y cant i get a ucking job dammit i am so pissed right now

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

where am i going with his blog.. i want 2 talk about he "future-now" in computing and the internet.. i will talk about politics and economics.. im gonna talk about books and other things i read.. and lastly i will talk about myself and depression.. it will b light & heavy.. funny [i hope] and all 2 serious at times..

when i say "future-now" it means communication / internet things that r new 2 me and maybe u but have probably been around 4 several years already

Monday, September 17, 2012

sooooo.. last week i shaved me head cause i got lice.. uggg.. then yesterday i got stung by a bee on my neck.. my shirt collar rubs on the 'wound'... im gonna go Nuts!!  never been stung b4.. never-ever :P this sucks!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

who am i; the author of this blog? well obviously my name is not bananafoofoo.. ill tell u more as i go along. but 2 things.. well 3 things.. u should no is 1st m keyboard is not quite right so if words are missing letters like t y f and the comma its cause i missed pasting them in.. another thing is i like typing like crap so u won c a lot o capitals or punctuation..

but what i really want u 2 no is that i have some pretty bad depression.. i have heart problems.. i was abused as a kid plus depression seems 2 run in my family.. (and im homeless.. unemployed.. have very few friends [i went 2 college online=bad 4 making friends] and was kicked out by my boyfriend of 9 years.. and by my bitch of a mom)

as some of u no depression meds leave a lot 2 b desired.. so im pretty much ucked.. so i blog instead of well u no....

what i dont no is y being depressed makes u want 2 kill urself??
hope is the most valuable commodity i no of.. right now i don't really have any..
but i got this blog and i can get some google ads so maybe i can make a few cents a day :P
i guess thats hope? i think.. im trying...
bing homeless sucks.. living in ur car bites but its somewhat better than bing homeless.. at least u have a roof and windows.. there are 'rooms'; a front seat and a back seat.. there's even storage in the trunk..